Youth- Adult Ministry

18years and above

This is a fellowship where we have the educated, uneducated, A ‘level, undergraduates and fresh graduates. Members in this fellowship are within the ages of 18 years and above where youth gather to worship before the throne of grace. Through the message of our general overseer, hundreds of individuals and families lives have been transformed. At KPICPC, through the study of the Holy Bible, we open the mind of God to the people by revealing his plan and purpose for their lives. You’ll be excited as you flow along with us.


To open up the mind of God to the people through systematic and expository study of the Holy Bible.
To get them saved.
To get the born again believers prepare for heaven.
To feed them with manners of the scripture.
To get them sanctify and fill with Holy Ghost power.
To help them live holy and righteous life on daily basis.
To teach them the necessities surrounding the kingdom life-style.
To restore all the wasted years that the enemies have devoured.
This is the official website of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Center(KPICPC), Lagos, where Jehovah in our midst is strong and mighty and He takes all the glory.