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A happy marriage is a cocktail of open communication, honesty, hard work and love. Simply find out more how we can help you. Just get connected to this powerful, excellent and wonderful family where God’s pattern of marriage is practiced making.
There were many people in the Bible whose marriages never pleased God, because they rejected God’s advice and ended up losing the blessings of God in marriage. On the other hand, there were also people in the Bible whose marriages pleased God and attracted His blessings.
According to Genesis 12:1, 20, 13:1, 18:1, 33, 19:1, 38, 20:1, 34, 21:1, 24, Abraham followed God’s instruction before picking a wife for himself and his marriage won God’s heart because it was according to God’s pattern of marriage.Genesis 2:18
According to Genesis 2:24 – Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. God’s purpose for us is to be fruitful and successful in life. Therefore, our desire and motivation for marriage should be in line with God’s purpose and vision.
In Genesis 2:18 “And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make for him a help meet for him”.

God’s description of marriage

Singles (from Genesis 2:18 ‘And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make an help meet for him’.) This is a great vision given by God to the General Overseer of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, Prophet Ohez Azuka, and is beloved wife, Pastor (Mrs.) Mary Ohez. Its is a Biblical method of preparing singles for marriage in a Godly way and also rebuilding the sacredness of marriage as an institution that has been totally broken down by the world today.
It’s a program that accommodates people across religious boundary particularly those that want to build a godly marriage as originally ordered by God. It is assigned to transform everybody in this world – spiritual, financial, psychological and emotional.
Both married and unmarried are invited to this wonderful life changing programs. We also have various programs designed to help couples grow. All you need to know about single and married Fellowship Gods Love towards Us.
Isaac and Rebekah Genesis 24:1,67 Isaac listened to the voice of is Father Abraham and refused to marry the daughters of the Canaanites and went into is father country and a native land as commanded by God through is father to pick is wife Rebekah.
Isaac marriage was Gods idea of marriage which through him many nations was blessed. This icon marriage was fruitful and wealthy and also filed with joy, love and respect. It is the type of marriage God desire for Christians in our generation, a marriage that will be full of Christ-like love and constant fellowship with the almighty God.
Those who refuse to follow Gods perfect plan of Marriage may end up like these biblical failures.
Ahab and Jezebel
In I kings 21:25
Ahab and Jezebel’s marriage was a total disaster before God. It is a marriage that was full of wrath, disobedience, witchcraft, satanic manipulations against God. This couples followed the worldly pattern of marriage; adopting the things of the world in order to please the people and disrespect God their creator. The marriage was full of human pleasures, complete dishonor to God. Therefore instead of reaping the blessing God pronounced on marriage, they reaped curses that brought death to their soul.
Esau and is wife Nebajoth, the daughters of Ishmael Abraham’s son sisters. Esau’s marriage was a complete failure in Gods original pattern of marriage. His disobedience to Abraham, Gods servant brought a complete curse upon him instead of blessing.
Esau’s love for the world made him lose every blessing God had for him. His desire to pick a wife in the land of the Canaanites, the place Abraham had is dwelling at that moment and was commanded by God not to allow his children pick their wives in the land he rejected, brought a curse upon Esau and his family.

Do you just want a prudent man as a husband or a virtuous woman as a wife and God’s blessings upon your marriage? Because a prudent man is a man that fears God and has the love of his family in his heart above every other things in this world, song of Solomon 2:7,11 5:8,16
Or may be you desire a virtuous woman as a wife, because a virtuous woman is that Gods perfect woman that fears God and takes good care of his family physically and spiritually. Proverbs 31:1, 10
Have you decided to pick your husband or wife from the worldly pattern of marriage, I think you will agree with me that indeed, it’s better and more reassuring to choose a mate from a biblical perspective, not a worldly perspective.

Our Vission/Mission

  • To help singles women choose the prudent man they desire as husbands and also assist our young Men connect to that virtue women of their dream in other to build a godly marriage that will gladden God’s heart.
  • To also help the married couple build a godly home full of great success.
  • Our vision is to help all women in Africa become the virtuous women that God almighty desires them to be.
  • Join our wonderful marriage class and become the first to smile.


  • To restore peace, joy and love in many families.
  • To help singles chose a Godly pattern of Marriage.
  • To build single and young couples from bottom to the top.
  • To rebuild the sacredness of marriage.
  • To help restore love, respect and submissiveness among families.
  • To restore peace and Joy missing in many marriages today.
  • Connect with us today and chose a Godly life partner to change your story and build a happy and a God desired family.
This is the official website of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Center(KPICPC), Lagos, where Jehovah in our midst is strong and mighty and He takes all the glory.